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Indian Railways-Things to Know about Break Journey Rules

The Indian Railways, on a timely basis, has provided many infrastructural facilities like the introduction of new trains, technical advancement of the coaches, digitization of railway tickets, launching of applications for employees and travelers, introduction of tourist trains, fresh food availability in trains, etc. These facilities have made our travel life comfortable and easier enough. More than 22 million travelers choose Indian Railways for their daily commutation. Innovative ideas and the regular technical upgrades have made the Indian Railways to contribute a larger slice to the Indian economic and infrastructural development.

Rules by indian railways to Break Journey

IRCTC- The Online Portal of Indian Railways
The equation of Indian Railways and a convenient journey has achieved an equal to sign, after the digitization of IRCTC and its process. The day was remarkable as passengers took a sigh of relief as most of the services of Indian Railways were launched online and easily accessed by the comfort of a few clicks. The service started with booking of the train tickets online and further introduced the online booking of cabs, hotels, food in train, flight tickets, holiday packages, and many other services like applying for SBI credit cards, counter ticket cancellation and many more. Recently, IRCTC was in a buzz for the application of artificial intelligence (AI) technique newly launched with the title “ASK DISHA” which will digitally answer the queries of the passengers. It’s the only website in the government sector which employed AI for the passengers. With all such technological advancement, IRCTC has become a lifeline for the travelers who plan their journey via Indian railways. Among numerous facilities, a special feature of breaking a journey is available to the passengers. Let’s discuss in detail the rules to follow to break a journey.


Every traveler who book tickets from the source station to the destination station is free to travel by Indian Railways on that particular route. For e.g., if the ticket is booked from Patna junction to Bangalore city junction, the traveler can board the train on the particular date at Patna junction and end the journey by deboarding at Bangalore city Junction (KSR Bengaluru).

  • What about if the same traveler wants to break their journey in transit?
  • Do the Railway rules allow the passengers to beak their journey?

Surprisingly, YES!
The Passengers are allowed to break their journey not more than two times in a single journey. However, Indian Railways have framed some rules and regulations for the passengers who want to break their journey.

Any single journey ticket holder can’t break their journey before completing 500 km of train travel from the starting station. After crossing the distance of 500 KM, the travelers are allowed to break the journey once for two days at any station en-route. If ticket is for more than 1000Kms, the passenger will be allowed to break journey twice. The day of departure and arrival must be excluded while calculating the number of days for first break of journey and ticket should be endorsed by the station manager/ticket collector at the station where the break journey is intended. Here are some examples to understand the concept of break journey rules.

    • Question: Can a passenger holding a single ticket of 800 kms, break his journey at 450th kms?

Ans: No! The passenger can’t break his journey as he has to cross 500 kms of his travel.

    • Question: can a passenger holding a single ticket for 600 kms, break his journey at 501st kms?

Ans: Yes! The passenger can break his journey and permitted once for 2 maximum days.

    • Question: Can a passenger holding a single ticket for 1050 kms break his journey at 400 kms and 801 kms?

Ans: Only 1 break is permissible and permitted for a maximum of 2 days.

    • Question: Can a passenger with single journey ticket for 2000 kms break journey at 800 kms, 905 kms and 1505 kms.

Ans: Only 2 breaks are permitted for a maximum of 2 days.

Whenever a passenger deboards at a station en-route for catching a connecting train, it is not considered as a break journey because the halt duration is less than 24 hours.

Endorsement on the ticket is mandatory. The station master will endorse the ticket by his signature, station code and the date of the journey. If a passenger, not obtaining the endorsement by the stationmaster as prescribed will be treated as a person traveling without a proper ticket.

Passengers breaking the journey en-route except, where the break is less than 24 hours, must surrender their tickets at the station where the journey is broken.

Refund for the untraveled portion on such tickets will be allowed in special circumstances only.

If a passenger seeking reservation on through tickets asks for break journey en route it should be clearly indicated on the Requisition form the names of the station where the break journey is requested. Reservation, in this case, will be done up to break journey station only.


  • The facility to break the journey is not available for the passengers traveling in Rajdhani/Shatabdi trains.
  • Breaking a journey is to be advised at the time of original booking and not after obtaining reservation
  • This facility is not available for a short journey even if a reservation is done.

IR and IRCTC- The SSS Approach (Safety Security and Surety)
IRCTC is the subsidiary company which handles the ticketing and e-catering wing for the Indian Railways. The user-friendly website has cured the pain of over the counter booking tickets where the passengers have to wait in a long queue for their turn. The probabilities to get confirm tickets were very low. Now, passengers can book their tickets or food for train journey online without any hassles. IR and IRCTC, has followed a SSS approach and working together for a comfortable and complacent journey of the passengers. The SSS approach is the Safety, Security, and Surety to the passengers provided by the Indian Railways and IRCTC. Where Indian Railways promises Safety and Security of the passengers through its technically advanced railway facilities, the IRCTC on the other end provides the surety of its services booked by the passengers.

RailRestro, an e-catering partner of IRCTC allows the passengers to order food online in train for their journey. We provide hot and fresh food to the passengers at stations through our premium e-catering partners, ready to deliver the best of their restaurant to the train passengers. Call 8102-888-111 to order food in train. You can visit our website or download the RailRestro application for free to order your favorite delicacies in the train. Even if you are onto a break journey with the same PNR number, order food of your choice at any station.


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